Steve Sampson BFP FCA FCIE DChA - Associate

In addition to overseeing his own portfolio of general clients, Steve is heavily involved in the practice’s charity and not-for-profit division, being both a Fellowship Member of the Association of Charitable Independent Examiners and holding the Diploma in Charity Accounting from ICAEW. Steve originally trained as a Chartered Accountant with Hamilton & Wilton, who amalgamated with Ashdown Hurrey in 1991, so has many years of experience within the profession locally.

As well as working with charities in a professional capacity, Steve is, in a personal capacity, a trustee of a local charity and enjoys the hands-on experience this appointment gives him. Steve has been a fan and season ticket holder with Brighton & Hove Albion for more than forty years, so is well used to dealing with sporting disappointments as well as occasional success! As a supporter, he is also close to becoming a member of the ‘The Ninety-two Club’, having visited the majority of football league grounds. Steve enjoys walking, particularly on the South Downs, with any benefit this might have provided being offset by his enthusiasm for real ale.

Kathryn Carter FCCA - Associate

Kathryn joined Ashdown Hurrey when she moved to Hastings and she completed her professional qualification with us in 2000. Kathryn looks after her portfolio of clients and works in a team alongside Mark and Stuart.  Her role as an associate includes supervising the HR requirements and training matters for the Hastings office as well as being involved with the firm's Professional Standards Committee.

Outside work, Kathryn is a keen horse rider and having grown up living on a farm in Kent, this gives her a chance to continue to enjoy the countryside and outdoor lifestyle.

Simon Lawrence FCCA - Associate

Simon began training as a Certified Accountant during the 1990s and qualified in 2000. Simon works with Mick, looking after a section of clients in addition to his role as a director of Ashdown Hurrey Auditors Ltd..

Simon lives in Battle and loves to get fully involved with the town’s activities, working on committees for the Christmas lights and Medieval Fayre. Simon enjoys the challenge of a long distance walk and has raised money for charities in this respect, even completing the Pevensey to Battle 1066 walk in full Saxon chainmail. Simon is a keen bell ringer and another real ale enthusiast, with an interest in history, including that relating to his own family.

Martin update

Martin Copland FCCA - Associate

Martin first came to Ashdown Hurrey whilst undertaking his accounting degree with a year’s placement during his course. Martin developed his experience working for Jeff Moore and Ann Grant and when Ann retired was well placed to take personal responsibility for those clients of Ann who he had been working with. Martin has also started to develop his own client contacts and is enthusiastically motivated to provide good service to the now enhanced section under his supervision.

Martin describes himself as a music fanatic, the louder and faster the better, his own guitar playing being at a more leisurely pace. If he is not listening to or playing music, he is likely to be watching it live and he does include the odd bit of socialising with his friends, though this has been curtailed with the welcome arrival of his baby daughter.

Gemma update

Gemma Newstead FCCA - Associate

Gemma’s first encounter with Ashdown Hurrey was through a school work experience placement and she cannot have been put off the idea of accountancy, as she joined as a trainee in 2006. Gemma initially completed her qualification as a member of the AAT and subsequently completed the ACCA examinations to become a Certified Accountant in 2012.

Having worked closely as a manager in former director Ann Grant's section, Gemma is continuing to develop her varied portfolio of clients and well as look after the clients she previously assisted with Ann. Gemma works closely with directors Jeff Moore and Mark Weeks-Pearson and assists the firm in its sales and marketing. Gemma also attends local schools to help with their careers fairs and delivers class sessions on a regular basis.

Gemma describes herself as an armchair sports fan, with a particular interest in football. She has divided loyalties, having been brought up by an avid Crystal Palace supporter and with her husband a loyal Brighton supporter – not a good mix on derby day! Gemma is focused on family and friends, with her own young daughter to keep her busy.

Daniel Swann FCCA - Associate

Daniel joined the practice in 2006 and having completed all the professional exams, is now a fully qualified Certified Accountant. As well as working as a manager in one of the larger client sections, Dan continues to develop his own group of clients and enjoys the client contact this involves.

Daniel enjoys fishing, which is undertaken both at home and abroad, and he helps his dad with his business. Daniel is putting himself through a torturous programme of keep-fit and exercise with a varying degree of enthusiasm, depending on the level of strain it puts him under. He is an “early adopter” of all things IT, technical and gadgety, sohe can usually be relied on to explain any new wizardry, as he has worked it all out for himself some time before.

Mick Murduck TEP - Manager

Mick joined Hamilton & Wilton after leaving school and as one of the longest serving members of staff, saw the amalgamation of that practice with Ashdown Hurrey and has seen the profession go from hand-written ledgers to complex computer programs. Mick has taken all the changes in his stride and his extensive knowledge and experience, particularly with regard to tax and trusts, makes him the first point of call with colleagues and clients looking for an explanation of many tricky problems.

Mick lives in Battle, where he maintains a keen interest in his garden. He continues to provide help and advice with his grown-up family’s DIY activities and, as a grandparent, his family takes centre stage.

Marc update

Marc Ransom - Manager

Marc has been with the practice since 2001 and works with Jeff on the firm’s internal accounting requirements. Marc utilises his extensive experience of running payroll as manager of the practice's payroll section.

He also provides accounting supporting in Jeff’s accounting client base and is a member of the firm’s audit team.

Marc is another participant in local football and he likes to spend time with his son, Harley, making sure that the footballing skills are passed on to the next generation. Marc is the envy of his work colleagues with his unrivalled collection of brightly coloured pullovers.

Optimized Jamie

Jamie Tiltman ACCA - Senior

Having completed his degree, Jamie worked locally for an organisation as a technician but decided he could improve his prospects by undertaking training for the ACCA qualification with Ashdown Hurrey, from which he qualified in 2016.  He mainly works with Sam on his clients, but also provides assistance with other sections. 

Jamie has two young children who take up the vast majority of his time outside of the office, but he is also a keen film and gaming enthusiast in the small occurrences of free time he finds himself with!

Dan 6

Daniel Oliver ACCA - Senior

Dan successfully completed his degree in 2012 and then joined the practice in the same year. He completed his ACCA training and qualified as a Certified Accountant in 2018.  He works predominantly with Ann on her clients but also gets involved with some of the other sections.

Dan enjoys playing music (both piano and guitar) although no recordings have yet turned up in the office.  Dan is another sports enthusiast, particularly F1, but he is also prepared to get out of the armchair to do a bit of running - he achieved the quickest time of the Ashdown Hurrey entrants to his first Hastings Half Marathon.

James Jury ACA - Senior

James was recruited as a trainee in 2011, having previously completed his international baccalaureate.

James trained initially as an Accounting Technician (AAT) before qualifying as a Chartered Accountant in 2018.

Outside work, James plays cricket for Rye & Winchelsea and competes at rifle target shooting.

Katie Bennett BFP ACA - Senior

Katie first got to know Ashdown Hurrey when she undertook a school work experience placement in the Bexhill office.  Having completed her degree, she applied for a trainee position and was pleased to be accepted as a graduate trainee.

In October 2020, Katie qualified as a Chartered Accountant and became a member of ICAEW having successfully completed her exams. 

Outside of the office Katie likes to socialise with friends and keep fit - enjoying long walks and home workouts.

Helen 2016

Helen Harrod - Trainee Accountant

Helen joined the practice as part of the 2016 intake of trainees, having completed her degree at the University of Gloucestershire in Cheltenham.  Helen first got to know Ashdown Hurrey during a work experience placement when she was still at school locally, so the firm was pleased to welcome her back when she completed her educational studies.  Helen achieved a 1st in her degree of Accountancy & Financial Management, so this should give her a strong foundation when the time comes to start the professional exams on her path to qualification.

Outside work, Helen has a keen interest in sport, playing both cricket and netball to a good standard.  Having played age group cricket for Sussex Girls, she now mainly plays in the men's leagues for Crowhurst Park and was the first female cricketer to appear on the team's honours board as a result of her bowling prowess.

Megan 6

Megan Merner MAAT - Trainee Accountant

Megan joined the practice directly from sixth form college, having completed three business-related A’ levels.  Although university was an option, Megan felt that moving straight to a practice based trainee position would be most suitable for her.  Megan completed her AAT qualification in July 2019 and will now start her ICAEW exams on the path to the Chartered ACA qualification.

Outside of work, Megan enjoys spending time with her new French Bulldog puppy and going to the gym.

Liz update

Liz Furnell - Trainee Accountant

Liz was another trainee who first came to Ashdown Hurrey as part of an internship opportunity whilst she was at college before going on to university to undertake an accounting degree course. Liz achieved a first class honours degree as well as two prizes for high achievement in exams.

Outside work, Liz enjoys keeping fit, particularly through walking and swimming, and enjoys cooking for friends and family.

Nathan update

Nathan Adamson MAAT - Trainee Accountant

Having completed his A’ levels in Business Studies, Maths and Economics at Bexhill College, Nathan moved straight to Ashdown Hurrey with a view to following a training path to accountancy qualification.

Nathan enjoys playing football with local team, Hollington United, and spending time with friends and family and his pet Springer Spaniel.

Becky Reeve 6

Becky Reeve - Trainee Accountant

Becky first came to Ashdown Hurrey whilst undertaking her accounting degree at Canterbury Christ Church University with a year's placement during her course. The placement helps students to gain experience of working within a commercial environment, giving them the opportunity to see first-hand the work they would be completing if they were to pursue a career within accountancy. Becky achieved a first class honours degree as well as two prizes for high achievement in exams.

Becky is not the first of the current crop of Ashdown Hurrey employees to join the firm via this route, which speaks volumes for the training provided by the practice. We must be doing something right!

Outside work, Becky loves to bake! Initially a hobby, Becky’s baking is gradually making a name for itself. Along with her Mum, Becky has developed her own brand name and they regularly attend local fairs and bootsales selling cakes. Becky also enjoys socialising with her friends and is partial to the odd European day trip. Paris is one of her favourite places to visit.

 Ryan 6

Ryan Dyke - Trainee Accountant

Having completed his A’ levels in Accountancy, Business Studies and Law at Park College, Ryan moved straight to Ashdown Hurrey with a view to following a training path to accountancy qualification.

Ryan enjoys playing squash to a county level, and is a keen car enthusiast devoting much of time and money towards his dream cars. 

Placeholder AH Team

Ben Godfrey - Trainee Accountant

Before joining Ashdown Hurrey, Ben was at college studying art, business and economics at A level.  Whilst completing his studies Ben worked part time at Tesco to help accumulate some funds.

At Ashdown Hurrey Ben works in the sections headed by Daniel Swann and Kathryn Carter and is looking to build up his accounting knowledge.

Away from the office Ben enjoys a variety of sports, mountain biking, rock climbing and regular workouts at the gym.

Placeholder AH Team

Holly Crosby - Trainee Accountant

Holly began her career as an accountant straight from college in 2015 before joining Ashdown Hurrey at the end of 2019 when she was already well underway with her ACCA studies.  Holly hopes to complete the remainder of her exams shortly to become fully qualified.

Having worked away from the area, she is happy to do without the commute and sees the benefit of working with a larger practice with a bigger range of clients.

Holly is keen to get involved in most forms of exercise, including plenty of walking and she has recently taken up boxing.

Placeholder AH Team

Rhys Verlander - Trainee Accountant

Having finished his A levels, Rhys went to university in Bournemouth and in 2019 successfully completed his degree in Business Management.  While at university he worked at a local bar specialising in cocktails, always a useful talent.

With his trainee position at Ashdown Hurrey, Rhys will be inducted into the mysteries of accountancy and taxation with a view to moving on to formal study for membership of one of the professional accounting bodies.

Before joining the practice, Rhys spent time running a local boxing club and has himself taken part in more than forty matches representing Southern England and reaching national finals.  Rhys also enjoys running and hopes to take part in a full marathon soon.

Placeholder AH Team

Chris Barraclough - Trainee Accountant

Like a number of his colleagues, Chris first got to know Ashdown Hurrey whilst undertaking a work experience placement - in his case while he was at Bexhill Sixth Form College.  Having completed his A levels at college, he obtained a Business Economics and Finance degree from Loughborough University which included a year’s placement with a national charity in London.

Following university, Chris got experience in the FMCG industry (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) which will give a useful insight into business generally when working with clients and conducting audits.

Chris likes to go to the gym and attend music festivals.  He has an interest in cooking, although he admits with varying degrees of success.

Julie Peters - Accounts Assistant

Julie first joined the practice many years ago to fill in a few hours weekly whilst her family was young, having previously worked in a bank. As her family has grown older, her hours have increased and she is a highly regarded part of Ann’s team.

Understandably, her three growing sons place most demands on her outside work time and it is fortunate that she is a cricket enthusiast, as all three are keen players for Crowhurst Park. During the odd moments of personal private time, Julie enjoys cross-stitch.

Carol 6

Carol Lobley - Accounts Assistant

Carol moved to Hastings in August 2017 after living and working in Croydon until as recently as January 2019. She made sure to bring her two Chihuahuas with her and now enjoys walking them along the beach and prom whenever possible.

Carol is also a self-confessed coffee lover and enjoys lunch and evenings out in the Old Town, especially during the summer months. She hopes to carry on exploring the local area with her partner who has lived here for many years.

Oliver update2

Oliver Leonard

Oliver joined the team having been introduced to us from Little Gate Farm. Oliver supports the digital record keeping team within the practice.  He is sociable and enjoys the company of others and works well in a team environment.

Oliver enjoys playing football for the 1066 Specials football team and is also currently learning to drive. He is interested in music and loves to volunteer on the Conquest Hospital radio.

Heidi Martin - Payroll Division

Heidi spent a number of years doing secretarial and reception duties but also undertook some payroll and internal accounting work as well.

When the practice decided to establish a dedicated payroll division, Heidi was the ideal candidate to specialize in this area.  The introduction of Real Time Information (RTI) and Auto-Enrolment has convinced many employers that a payroll bureau is the best approach.  Heidi enjoys the new challenges of her role in this increasingly important part of the practice's service delivery.

Heidi had previously worked for partners Paul and Jeff at their previous practice. She joined Ashdown Hurrey shortly after them following a brief but exciting period of working in Moscow when her husband’s job took them in that direction. Now with the time demands of her family, when not providing her children with a taxi service, she likes to go horse riding.


Teresa Hastings - Payroll Division

Teresa is another staff member who started work unfeasibly young to enable her to clock up thirty-three years with Nationwide Building Society before another six years with a local Financial Adviser. Teresa then joined the payroll section and enjoys the new challenges the role presents and utilising her existing experience with Auto-Eenrolment pension schemes.

Teresa enjoys Formula One motor racing (watching not driving!) and admits a massive obsession with dogs. Due to the inconvenience of working, keeping dogs is not possible at the moment so she gets her pet fix by keeping three degus (apparently a small Chilean rodent, who knew?). Teresa enjoys watching films, with a preference for scary ones with blood, guts and entrails - clearly payroll is not quite exciting enough!

Placeholder AH Team

William Cooper - Payroll Division

William joined the payroll team having previously worked as an accounts assistant for a recycling company which supplies materials for biomass energy.  Prior to that he worked for an insurance loss adjusting company clocking up five years with them as an administrator.

William enjoys cooking and baking, which will keep him popular with his work colleagues when he shares!

William enjoys travelling to Texas and Oklahoma to see his partner’s family where he relishes the amazing southern food, although he draws the line at biscuits and gravy or grits for breakfast!

Placeholder AH Team

Omar Ismail - Payroll Division

Before joining the Ashdown Hurrey payroll section, Omar worked in industry on the payroll side and then with a local payroll bureau.  Omar brought his relevant experience with him which is much needed in this critically important service. 

Omar enjoys walking with his dog in the countryside and confesses to be a fan of British heavy metal music.  He would like to look the part by growing his hair long but unfortunately he says it is too curly!  He also enjoys horror films and a good kebab.

Placeholder AH Team

James Cornford-Hutchings - Payroll Division

James’s history is in working for SMEs locally undertaking both payroll and bookkeeping roles.  He also worked for his local council in customer service and finance.  He gained wider experience through undertaking a variety of roles within each company he has worked for,  developing a wider knowledge of the business and encouraging an increased focus on the needs of the customer.

James has two rescue dogs from Spain called Juanita and Pandy, who arrived with their interesting names, and they ensure he gets plenty of walking exercise. He enjoys socialising with friends and likes to travel. James enjoys holidays, and when possible takes in a couple of European cities each year.

Sue Lee update2

Sue Lee - Personal Assistant

Sue has worked as Peter’s personal assistant for more than thirty years, initially at the Bexhill office of Hamilton & Wilton and then when he set up his own practice for twenty-seven years at Silk & Co in Hastings.

Sue points out that she was extremely young when she first started working for Peter and there is really no need to do the maths!

When not at work, Sue enjoys walking, eating out and spending time with friends and family.  Sue enjoys going to the theatre, shopping, attending concerts, fashion and music and admits to an allegiance to Chelsea F.C. which is not always approved of by her work colleagues!  If there is any time left over, Sue enjoys holidays in the sun.

Jools Stebbings - Secretary

Jools originally worked for Hamilton & Wilton and came on board with Ashdown Hurrey when the firms amalgamated.

Jools works in the front office in Hastings with Tracey and is frequently the initial point of contact, with a warm and professional welcome. As well as regular secretarial work, Jools is appreciated for her design and marketing skills.

In her spare time, Jools enjoys travelling around the country in her motorhome and is keen on crochet, reading and cooking.

Tracey Ridley - Secretary

Tracey originally joined the practice as a full-time secretary/receptionist and changed her role to give secretarial support when she reduced her hours to bring up her daughter. With her daughter now grown up, Tracey has increased her hours and has reverted to secretarial and reception duties with Jools.

Outside work, Tracey remains family focused and enjoys spending time with family and friends.

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