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Protect yourself from the cost of an HMRC investigation

A tax investigation could cost you money even if you've done nothing wrong and anyone can be selected: a business, a director or an individual tax payer.At Ashdown Hurrey we can provide you with Fee Protection Insurance to protect you from the costs that may arise as a result of a Tax or VAT Enquiry from HMRC.

The Fee Protection we can provide is an all-embracing Insurance Policy that provides you with the ultimate protection.

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The detail

The service covers up to the equivalent of £100,000 towards our professional fees resulting from an HMRC Enquiry.

Any compliance check started by HMRC regarding your compliance with:

  • Income Tax and/or Corporation Tax Self-Assessment;
  • PAYE;
  • National Insurance;
  • VAT;
  • IR35;
  • Construction Industry;
  • National Minimum Wage or Gift Aid Legislation and Regulations, and;
  • Any consequent dispute with HMRC after the issue of an assessment, computation of liabilities, written decision, notice of VAT civil penalty or notice of underpayment of the National Minimum Wage.

Peace of mind

Included as part of the Fee Protection Insurance is comprehensive access to the Employment Law, Health & Safety and HR expertise, all at no cost to you.

You'll gain valuable access to highly experienced consultants who can provide you with their guidance and knowledge on a wide variety of subjects and issues.

How do you join?

Please contact Ashdown Hurrey on 01424 720222 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any queries or for details on how to join our Premier Protection Fee Protection Scheme.

How does the Fee Protection work in practice?

Small family run-restaurant:
The enquiry ran for four years. The Inspector was adamant that sales had been understated but the only additions were minor and in respect of private use adjustments. Final accountancy fees required to provide the right level of representation were just over £7,000.

Small family-run building firm:
A VAT dispute which concerned the business's VAT registration. The case was decided in the client’s favour and over £30,000 of VAT was saved. The costs incurred in representing the client were approximately £8,500 over a three-year period.

Sole Trader Landscape Gardener:
HM Revenue & Customs claimed the gardener had understated his sales. The investigation ran for three years with fees of approximately £7,000 being incurred to prove that the sales were not understated.

Medium sized retail firm:
The enquiry ran for 18 months and the firm incurred just under £10,000 in accountancy fees as a result. Following the enquiry, all the company had to pay was a further £200 in tax.  


Contact us

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Tel: 01424 720222
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We offer free initial consultations - to arrange a meeting or to have a chat over the telephone, please contact us.



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